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Our Referral Network

How many times have you been asked “Do you know a good roofer?” Or, “Oh, is that an issue? Can you recommend anyone?”

Unfortunately, when you operate a business there can be pitfalls in referring services. The risk of the service you recommend having an off day is a real possibility. Anything other than great performance can reflect poorly on you.

Your client may determine later that the cost for the service you specified was out of line. How about the ugly prospect of a negligent referral suite? Any of these possibilities can cause you problems and adversely affect your business. It is astonishing that your good work can be eroded so easily by someone else.

What do you do? That’s easy - refer your client to us!

We provide your clients with a beautiful and effective Internet tool to screen and choose almost anyone that can be involved in a real estate project or transaction. Whether you need an Inspector, Agent, Surveyor, Appraiser and much more, we have you covered.

Take a look at these terrific sites.

Do you have a trusted contractor or service, etc. that you will recommend? Yes? That’s fantastic!

We have a system to earn you advertising credit for referring qualified listings to our suite of advertising sites. The process is simple:

1). Log into your account on any of our websites and note your personal referral code.
2). Provide the code to the company you want listed with us; they receive a 10% discount via your referral! You win, they win.
3). When a paid listing is generated, it is associated with your personal referral code. We track the codes and tally the credits.
4). You decide what to do with the advertising credit. Want a Banner Ad or a Listing Upgrade? The choice is yours.

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Referral Network
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